Kavan Murphy Photography | Style
Story My background is in filmmaking and story telling. Because of that I'm always looking for the best moments, the best angles and the best light to tell your story. Whether it's the wedding of your dreams or your once-in-a-lifetime senior pictures, I make sure that each snap of the shutter is sure to tell your story.
Light The warm glow of the setting sun.  Soft rays of light falling through a window.   Photography is always about the light. whether it's using the available light or supplementing it with some flash.  Either way, we're going to get great pictures.
Comfort The more comfortable you are doing
Quality Quality is critical. That's why each and every image I deliver is personally edit by me. The product I deliver is a direct reflection on me, so I make sure    
Communication Timely and clear communication is critical. You have enough on your plate as it is (especially if you're planning a wedding) so my goal is to make your life as easy 


Story: My style is colorful! I love bright pinks, blues, greens, you name it! Weddings are often full of beautiful colors – from your color selections and decorations, to lights in the venues, to the colors of the seasons. I love them all!

Light: A gorgeous sunset? Let’s work with it! A dark hall with a single spotlight? Dramatic! Let’s go with it! A dark reception hall? Let’s get out the flash and have some fun, or work with the videoographer’s light for a unique perspective. A tree casting weird dots of shadows on your face? Time to move! Photography is ALL about light.

Relationships: I love my clients! They’re more like friends. My passion lies in my relationships that are built through photography, because the photography of your life should be personal! It’s an honor to photograph your wedding, and it is my goal to re-tell your wedding story through the images I create.

Comfort: The more comfortable you are, the more it reads in your images. I don’t mind being goofy, if that’s what it takes! My goal is to always be personal and make your experience truly enjoyable.

Quality: Each image I deliver has been edited and retouched by me personally. I don’t hand over a mediocre product – it’s a direct reflection on myself. I believe in quality over quantity, which I why my job is to deliver your absolute best wedding images. I have worked extensively to create systems and an understanding of today’s most popular and trustworthy editing systems to produce a product that is worthy of framing…. BIG.

Timely: I respond to your emails. I answer or return your calls. I keep you informed throughout the entire process.